A Spanking Described

Here’s an IM transcript describing a good hard spanking, found over at Flipside:

MD: Sir’s hand SUCKED.
MD: He knew how to make noise with it.

JQ: too much or too little sensation?

MD: He knew how to spank hard enough to make pain to flip me into subspace.
MD: And then he knew how to FUCKING HURT THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!
MD: When he was cupping his palm just a little, but not too much, and he spanked HARD, and fast in one spot, I was BAWLING.
MD: I liked it at the same time, but I would’ve rather had the flogger.
MD: Most of the time, he’d use the flogger first. And he’d start slow with that, build up until I was almost done whimpering because the pain was gone and I was nicely in subspace.
MD: Then he’d kneel next to me and rub his hand over my skin, telling me how lovely red it was and how he loved my whimpers.

JQ: and then? (I want to hear you describe it.)

MD: And then he’d start spanking me. A couple of pops at first, just to warn me. And then the hard, fast, spanks that really hurt like fucking hell and started me crying and whimpering REALLY loud.
MD: He’d do it in one spot on one cheek for a while, and then move to the other one when that cheek was really numb.
MD: And then he’d run his hand over my ass really gentle like, and croon at me that I was a good girl, and then he’d literally kiss my ass and tell me that it was rosy red.

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