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I’ve been too busy lately to provide any nice long personal updates. And that’s only going to get worse. There’s a change in jobs going on here that’s good but complex, and some out-of-town family visiting, and more complications than you can shake a riding crop at. What it boils down to, though, is that posting will be very light during July, and there may be some lengthy gaps. Please rest assured that these are all the good kind of complications, and when the dust settles I will resume regular posting. This blog is too much fun, I promise I won’t let it become moribund.

Don’t make the mistake, however, of assuming I’ve been neglecting Bethie. On Sunday I fear I broke my favorite oakwood spatula on her. It’s broad and flat and thin with large round holes, but heavy enough to land with authority. Alas, after about six good spanking sessions, it separated along a grain line that passed through two of the holes, and fell into two sharp-edged pieces. Yesterday I was forced to fall back on our leather paddle and a bath brush. The hardship!

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