Spanking And Housework

From Baltazar comes this long post about housework. It’s better than it sounds:

C is currently collared and naked, on her hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor with a scrubbing brush prior to giving it a going over with the mop and floor polish. I’ve told her I’ll be checking up on her and if it’s not done within a certain time limit and to my satisfaction, she’ll be getting spanked.

She asked him to include that sort of thing in their D/s relationship, you see, and he was quick to honor her offer. Why?

I’ve wanted to be dominant and order her to do the odd chore around the house for a while…. That desire goes back some time to before we started out with Domestic Discipline while C was working from home for a while. Basically, it was annoying me then that she wasn’t doing much housekeeping while I was out at work during the day. I know that at the time I wasn’t pulling my weight with the chores and shouldn’t have had any right to be annoyed that she wasn’t doing things, but nonetheless it annoyed me that I couldn’t say anything to her for fear of provoking a major row. So, when we started down the DD & D/s road together, and as a result started to take some pride in the house together again and do the household chores, I fantasised about being be able to order C to do the odd chore – if only because I knew that I wouldn’t have been able to get away with that in the pre-DD days! That desire therefore was very powerful and alluring to me, but I just felt that I needed to wait for C to say she wanted it – just in case.

I know just where Baltazar is coming from on that. Bethie and I don’t call what we have a D/s relationship, but I can (as Baltazar puts it) “get away with” almost anything. For the most part I don’t take advantage of that in the household chores arena, unless you count me swatting her bottom and saying “get in the kitchen and cook me up some breakfast, wench!” after she’s already announced her intention to do just that. (It makes her giggle.) However, I do have one or two pet peeves left over from an old relationship. Yes, friends, I once spent six years living with a garbage hoarder, and I still bear the emotional scars.

The garbage hoarder girl and I had agreed to split up the household chores, and emptying the kitchen garbage can was supposed to be her job. Which she did not do. I was young and stupid and male, so of course it became a matter of principle for me not to do “her” job for her. She thus was free to stuff, compact, pile, perch, and arrange the garbage, until it was a towering mass twice the height of the garbage can, leaning on the adjacent wall for support and oozing food slime down the wall into the baseboard heater. My attempts to deposit garbage “in” this disposal area invariably resulted in something nasty falling on my bare toes, which in turn made me curse and mutter and growl and fume.

Fast forward to the present. Bethie cares more about a clean living space than I do, so it works out that she cheerfully does more housework than me, even though she also works longer hours than I do. Accordingly, I have zero interest in hassling her about housework.

Well, almost zero. But I still feel the programmed urge to get grumpy, when I go to deposit something in the garbage can and it rolls off the top of the pile onto my bare toes. Mostly I fix this by being Johnny-on-the-spot about emptying the garbage can before it gets that bad, but she’s in the kitchen more than me, and she fills it fast, and I won’t see it until I go in there with something to throw away. So I do get my toes slimed from time to time.

Since I refuse to be grumpy at Bethie, the obvious solution is to spank her whenever I get garbage on my toes. (Basic spanko-guy logic.) Haven’t actually done this yet, but I’ve made menacing noises. Right now I’m teasing her about buying a cane with a leather hanging loop, so I can hang it from a hook right on the fridge next to the garbage can, where she’ll see it six inches from her nose as she bends down to over-compress the garbage. Will this help? I doubt it, but it will be fun to hear her “eep” the first time she sees it hanging there.

So what’s my point? Loop back to Baltazar’s post, in which he talks about the fantasy of ordering his wife to do a chore. That’s hot because it used to be, however stupidly, an issue between them, and now it’s not. Likewise, something that used to be (stupidly) an issue for me, now isn’t. By giving me the spanking option, Bethie has utterly disarmed my pointless programmed emotional baggage from a past relationship, and converted it into a trigger for good-natured teasing. Eventually, she may get an extra caning or six, which will be fun for both of us. No wonder I love her so much!

  1. Velvet commented on March 10th, 2005:

    As someone who has a lot of problems keeping a house clean, I’ve wondered about domestic discipline posibilities. If someone was going to come home and spank me for not cleaning the house, I wouldn’t be wasting time on the net.

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