Spanking Master Blackstar

One “Master Blackstar” called up Mistress Matisse to offer her an “affiliation” with his supersecret “House of Blackstar” BDSM organization. But only if, you understand, she allowed him to “check her out more thoroughly.” Complete with a free dungeon tour.

As she puts it: “I live to stick pins in people like this.”

People, it would be a BAD idea to assume she’s speaking metaphorically here. Ill-considered. Unwise. Nope, wouldn’t be prudent at this time. Bad idea. Also: incorrect.

My favorite bit:

I’m betting that “The House Of Blackstar” consists of Ryker — whose real name is probably Eugene — his pet iguana, Frodo, and several plump, shy, “cyber-submissive” girls who live in very small towns at least five hundred miles away from here. Call it a hunch.

Folks, if Mistress Matisse is as talented at up-close-and-personal high-spirits meanness as she is at the printed variety, it’s no mystery why she’s a success at her chosen profession.

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