Martial Law: Caning Movie

The folks from Mood Pictures (the Hungarian severe caning movie house whose other movies I reviewed back in March) recently sent along their newest DVD release, called Martial Law. It’s their best effort yet, and I recommend it highly to folks who like authentic, severe caning videos. This photo (from a gallery of stills will give you the flavor:

scene from martial law - mood pictures

The plot is simple enough that the Hungarian language with English subtitles was not a problem. A blonde female sergeant “tortures” a cute prisoner (by caning her lightly, shown in flashback) who turns out to be a secret agent who should not have been so abused. That part of the movie is swiftly done. Although the prisoner/spy does not get caned very hard, she’s posed very prettily on a chair and in bondage, so it’s visually quite fun.

Our blonde sergeant is of course tried (in the best police state one-minute fashion) and, after she confesses, is sentenced to an immediate 100 strokes with a cane.

She’s forced to strip and kneel in an imposing steel caning frame that forces her to lean forward over a padded bar. She’s tied by her wrists, as well as at her knees in a way that holds her legs spread far apart. She’s pretty enough and this very revealing and vulnerable pose will appeal to every bondage fetishist.

Then the caning starts. What can I say? The rest of the movie consists of her getting a hundred strokes. And they are mostly hard strokes. The female “executioner” starts off very strong — I remember thinking “If she goes on like that, she’ll make mincemeat of that poor girl before she gets to 100.” She eventually calms down a bit, but not before our blonde sergeant is gasping and shaking and crying.

The best part of the movie is its focus on the face of the girl getting caned. She’s no actress, and her reactions made it clear that she felt every stroke most keenly.

However, folks who want marks won’t be disappointed. The executioner is all over the place with that cane, from low on the thighs to the middle of victim’s back. A few bright red welts appear right away and by about the middle of the caning, her bottom and thighs are puffy and swollen from slightly-less-severe raised (but not too red) welts.

There were also a few pauses for a female “doctor” to examine the girl being caned. This doctor’s contribution to the movie: She did not appear to be wearing any pants or panties (or anything else) under her white doctor coat.

All in all, I was very entertained by the whole thing. Bethie also liked it, although she kept exclaiming in sympathy and putting her hands over her face (and then peeking through the fingers). A simple film, but with authentic caning and nice posing.

Thanks again to the folks from Mood Pictures for the review copy.

  1. Eric Carwardine commented on October 26th, 2005:

    G’day, folks;

    I haven’t seen the movie, but as a professional consensual caner I find unacceptable strokes being placed “from low on the thighs to the middle of victim’s back.”

    Fair enough, this is only a movie, but many a person has been motivated to transform a movie into real-life. And in my experience nothing is more likely to kill that transformation than carelessly-placed strokes. When you’re paying-to-receive you expect the dedication and precision of a Singaporean administrator.

    To all movie-makers I say … please … please … go to the trouble and expense of engaging properly-qualified (martial arts?) practitioners to administer canings. And don’t be squeamish about using adequate shielding. It is considerations like shielding, and properly-prepared (water-soaked) canes that add that priceless touch of authenticity.

    For this professional, the inaccuracy is enough to deter me from watching “Martial Law”, let alone purchasing a copy.

    Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia

  2. SpankBoss commented on October 26th, 2005:

    Eric, thanks for your perspective. However, I’ll warn you that here at Spanking Blog, I’ve got an absolute rule against allowing commenters to condemn or judge the way other people play. Your “I find unacceptable” comes very close to crossing that line. As it happens, I prefer neatly spaced strokes myself, artistically speaking; but I don’t consider anything that other consenting adults do “unacceptable” and I don’t allow Spanking Blog to be used as a forum to judge or condemn.

  3. RidingMaster commented on April 19th, 2006:

    I have purchased two Mood movies and they DO depict REAL canings. If you are not into the effects of severely applied canings onto naked flesh, then go to a spanking site. For those of us who ARE into proper canings, you can’t do much better than the Mood movies.

    This definitely isn’t for everyone. I can accept that this WILL be too much for many CP enthusiasts, but for me it is just perfect. I should say at this point that I am ONLY into consensual activities. I would NEVER exceed the limits of my partner. I am ONLY turned on when my partner is turned on. But within that constraint, I am prepared to eplore the limits of a WILLING victim. BUT I would NEVER go beyond the bounds of sensible play, even if encouraged to do so by my partner.

    OK, with the government health warning out of the way, I must say that the girls acting in these movies are BRAVE!!! They take the severest of canings with the minimum of fuss – yes, some whimpering and erotic cries, but they act the part even when subjected to excruciatingly painful punishment.

    Congratulations Mood! Thank you girls! For one caning enthusiast, you are the BEST!!!

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