Spanking And Laughing

I mean no disrespect to anyone’s choice of lifestyle when I say that an awful lot of spankos and lifestyle people seem to take their D/s very seriously. That’s fine for them, but what I treasure as much as anything is the laughter. Baltazar’s anecdote is closer to the way things work around here:

I did take her new wooden handled hairbrush to her backside first thing this morning because she was being a little bratty in a burst of having some energy. It’s a VERY effective little brush – turned her backside nicely red in short order, so I continued applying it with rapid “whacks” until she’d had enough. Well, she was laughing in between yelps of “ow, stoppit you swine!”, so what’s a guy to do? It can’t be that sore if she’s giggling her head off…

Of course, the other clue that she hasn’t had enough is that she’s still calling you a swine and telling you to stop instead of asking….

  1. Baltazar Casaubon commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Hey, you can’t be totally strict and serious all the time. At least for us taking it all seriously all of the time would probably kill the whole reason why it seems to be working so well for us. Besides, we both think that a lot of love, laughter, friendship & fun is needed in a relationship as well as the discipline etc.

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