Schoolmaster’s Revenge, Reviewed

A while back I linked to the trailer for Schoolmaster’s Revenge, the new spanking video from Spanking Epics. After I hinted (none too subtly) for a review copy, Bethany kindly sent one along.

And am I glad she did! My lady and I watched Schoolmaster’s Revenge on Saturday night and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Without giving away too much of the plot (Yes! It actually has a plot!), I can say that the story follows fairly naturally from the title. In this historical piece, two adult young ladies get caught cheating on the final exam for their schoolteacher’s certificates. They are of course offered the classic choice between ignominious expulsion and taking their licks. What choice do they have? They get spanked with hand and paddle, then sent home for more of the same with razor strop and wooden spoon. One young lady has a mother who takes offense. Mom stomps off to confront the schoolmaster, with whom she has a history. You know where this is going.

OK, time for some few words on spanking quality, acting, actresses, and the like. The two young ladies are sweet, often demure, and very lovely, and they wear (when not bare-bottomed) some lovely period dresses and costumes. Their acting skills are spotty; lines can be a bit rough and they overreact at first with fake tears and pleading when they’ve barely been spanked yet. But they are so cute, you really won’t mind. Later, as their spankings take one some real heat, their reactions are more natural and convincing.

The mother, also very attractive, is a far better actress, bringing real passion to her role along with an amusing brattiness that keeps getting her in deeper trouble. I would be astounded if this lady isn’t a spanko and accomplished brat “in real life” — she brats with far too much naturalness and humor to be working from somebody else’s script.

As for severity, the spankings themselves are refreshingly good. Both young ladies get bright red bottoms from their initial hand spankings, and then pick up additional visible marks as they are later paddled and strapped. Nothing horrid or too severe, but also none of this “caress her bottom while she yells” stuff that used to pass for spanking videos back in the bad old days. Except right at first, these girls are feeling every whack and you can tell by their reactions and by their swiftly reddening bottoms. The same goes for the spankings Mom gets, except that she also gets a light caning (six strokes, only one or two hard enough to mark) to which she reacts as if she were being slain with a red-hot poker. The caning was a bit disappointing, as it followed a more-serious paddling and was treated in the script as a much more dire punishment, even though it clearly wasn’t. Such a mean old schoolmaster shouldn’t be such a wimp with the cane.

Production quality of the DVD was quite good, but not perfect. Lighting was sometimes spotty (a few of the early scenes had an unusual orange tinge from one camera angle) and audio, as is common in erotic productions, suffered from unequal levels throughout the movie. Some dialogue was very hard to hear, but when I turned up the volume, the next scene would featur shrieking that rattled my windows and (doubtless) shocked my neighbors. There were also a few minutes where the spanking blows on the screen were minutely out-of-synch with the audio track, but this is truly a tiny nit to pick.

Remarkably for spanking porn, the DVD version has real DVD features, including an alternate ending, an unrelated ultrashort film featuring two of the same players, and a short bloopers track. The alternate ending and the ultrashort were real value-added, giving Mom several more chances to brat humorously and letting the evil schoolmaster show a lighter and more amusing side of his character.

To sum up: Schoolmaster’s Revenge is a worthy and entertaining production, featuring cute girls, nice brisk bottom-reddening spankings, and enough plot and humor to set it miles above the general run of spanking movies. SpankBoss gives it two paddles up!

  1. Invidia commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Thanks for the honest and insightful review Spankboss. I am looking forward to owning that movie some day when money returns to my life. In the meantime, I would love it if you would host a class on the top ways to get vendors to send along free products. You seem to have a knack for it and I find myself envious. :)

    Much love,

  2. SpankBoss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Shameless hinting, Invidia, shameless hinting. That’s my secret and it’s all my secret. And now, it’s not a secret any more! ;-)

  3. Erica commented on March 10th, 2005:

    This is “the Mom” speaking — thank you so much for the lovely review, SpankBoss. I’m sure Bethany and co. are very pleased. And yes, I am very much a spanko in real life! ;-) — Erica

  4. SpankBoss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Oh, gosh! Somehow when I was writing that review, it never crossed my foolish mind to think that the folks I was writing about would be reading it. {hurridly reads back} Phew, it doesn’t look like I was too mean to anybody. ;)

    Erica, glad you liked the review. I don’t know about Bethany — I didn’t get any feedback from her, but she’s a busy woman.

  5. Erica commented on March 10th, 2005:

    (snicker) No, you were quite kind. And even the critiques were fair — you’re right, there WERE spots where the lighting was bad and the sync was off. But, dear man, do be accurate — I took ELEVEN cane strokes, not six. Remember, I straightened up after five, and then he gave me six more? And by the way, have YOU ever been caned after a severe paddling? It DOES feel like a red-hot poker! :- — E.

  6. SpankBoss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Erica, Erica. The first five didn’t count, because you straightened up. I thought he made that quite clear? ;)

    And as to your question, no — my buttocks are strictly off limits to that sort of adventure. I’m an old-fashioned double-standard sauce-for-the-goose-stays-on-the-goose sort of fellow. I finally cured Bethie of suggesting that I test her toys on myself, but it required several spankings before she came around to my point of view….

  7. sixofthebest commented on November 15th, 2014:

    I first met Erica Scott in one of the EPIC SPANKING MOVIEs, and I have ‘loved’, this beautiful lady ever since.

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