Punishment In The Harem

The Boss has a fun new spanking story up over at The Collar Purple. It’s called “The Harem” and it goes something like this:

He shook his head, “I see your first lesson will come sooner than I had anticipated!” In a flash, he had both her wrists held tightly in one hand. Ignoring her ineffectual struggles, he dragged her over to a marble pillar. What she had taken for decorations on either side of the column turned out to be gilded manacles. She was bound to them in a trice, her face pressed against the cool stone.

“Pray that you are not a poor student, dearest Ellen, or you shall be bound to the pillar on many more occasions!”

Patricia tried to remain calm, but couldn’t keep the pleading out of her voice. “P-please! I’m sure this isn’t necessary. My husband will do whatever it takes to free me, Omar.”

“Ah, so you are not so quick to learn after all? On to your education!”

The amateur agent heard something move through the air, a high quiet sound that made her tense in anticipation. A blazing brand of fire ignited her buttocks, causing her to cry out,”Please, no, I cannot take it!”

“You are soft, woman! The youngest of my children can take a dozen like that without a sound.” He swung the cane twice in quick succession causing to yell again though she tried to be silent. She pulled on the manacles but they held her in place for each merciless stroke. Again and again the instrument came down, sending pain shooting through her body.

And of course there’s a yummy illustration by Invidia, although for some reason it’s not on the story page yet. You’ll find it in the 4.18.04 blog entry announcing the story.

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