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The folks from Red Hot Video have been talking for awhile about sending along one of their “Red Assed Lap Dancing” spanking DVDs for me to review. Last week, I finally got one.

They sent me Red Assed Lap Dancing 19: Bottoms Up! which Bethie and I watched a few days ago.

The movie breaks no new ground in plotting, but it’s a very nice spanking movie nonetheless. There are three formulaic scenes: in each, a pretty model (and all three models are quite young and attractive) shows up at the same crappy motel room for a photo shoot, and quickly gets snotty with the photographer. He immediately throws each girl over his lap and begins to spank her.

And spank her. And spank her. And spank her. Folks, this guy has hands of cast iron and the timing of a metronome. The bottoms turn bright red in an alarming hurry, and he keeps going…and going…and going. His hand never seems to get sore, but the girls sure do! They cuss and bitch and moan and yell and (in one case, near the end) cry – and it’s clear a couple of times that they’ve gone beyond acting into genuine “oh my god ouch!” mode.

There’s not a lot of dialogue beyond the complaints of the girls and some limited lecturing from the spanker. There are some bizarre sound effects (like an electronic version of one of those plastic fairground wolf whistles) that are on the soundtrack at unpredictable and inexplicable intervals. But mostly, there’s pretty red bottoms getting spanked hard.

Filming is a little dull (most shots appear to be from one of two fixed cameras, and the spanking stays very carefully in one place so as to stay centered in those fixed fields of view) but the content more than makes up for that. Pretty models whose bottoms actually get spanked and who are obviously feeling it make a spanking movie worth its price. And that’s just what this movie delivered.

I won’t lie to you; Bethie and I were laughing in spots at the cheesy lecturing and the somewhat overwrought complaints of the models. And we kept going “WTF?” at the electronic wolf whistle sound effect. But Bethie was kissing up to me in sympathy for the red bottoms, and we both marveled at the stamina of the man doing the hand spanking. All in all, it was quite entertaining.

Update: Greg writes “we actually shoot with FOUR camcorders. That
would be one hand-held and three (front, back and side) stationary.”

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