Proper Spanking Undies

A reader wrote in with a request that I’m utterly unqualified to help with, but perhaps someone else here can help:

“I came across one of the links you had for July- it was the “Continuing Saga of Jules” at the Grandpa’s Reading Room link, when I saw the pictures that accompanied the part two story of her night out on the town. “Jules” had on a pair of those seamless see-through undies that I have been trying in vain to locate. I
have been searching for a pair of that same type of lingerie undies in a
size seven and have been unsuccessful. Please help. If you know where I can
get a pair those, please email me- I find them rather cute and appealing and
my husband wants to try our own spanking stories with me in them.”

If anybody knows, please feel free to leave the answer in the comments.

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