Danor’s Spanking Dilemma

Danor has an interesting post up about the dilemma of wanting to be spanked, but not wanting to ask. It starts with her usual exuberant paean to the joys inherent:

I do want to be spanked– vigorously and often. I like the feelings of submissiveness and floatiness that spanking produces in me, and I like showing Kam how thoroughly I yield myself to him, and– at least with the cane– I like the physical sensation itself. It is a fact I’ve had to come to grips with, that my bottom actually physically craves spanking, in the same way my cunt physically craves to be fucked and my clit to be licked. It gets this itchy, untouched feeling, and I just want someone to beat it bright red.

But of course there’s much much more.

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