Belt Spanking Fun

Lately I’ve much enjoyed playing with Bethie and a broad leather belt I bought at the thrift store. The belt makes a good snapping noise when it lands, it sets up a most fetching impact ripple, and it contributes readily to bottom redness (although not so readily as my other new favorite toy, the Monster Rubber Spatula). More importantly, the belt never fails to make her squirm. And this exchange still makes me laugh when I think of it days later:

Me: “You like the belt, don’t you?”
Her (voice muffled by pillow): “Yeah. {pause} I mean, NO!”

  1. Sarah commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Sounds like those conversations Mac and I have that go:

    Mac: You like that don’t you?
    Me: (poutingly) NO!
    Mac: Oh, want me to stop?
    Me: (quickly) NO!

    For some reason that always makes Him chuckle.

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