Mood Pictures Caning Movies Reviewed

So, as promised, the guys from Mood Pictures sent along two free caning DVDs: “Ancient Regime Part 1” and “Rival Girls“. I am pleased to report that both of these movies would strike me as a good value if I had purchased them.

The movies came from Hungary via air mail. They are in a foreign language (presumably Hungarian) with literate English subtitles. The plots are no more and no less cliched than your typical caning movie, the girls are pretty, and the caning real.

Ancient Regime Part 1 starts with a very convincing East European thug-type fellow supposedly reminiscing about the communist days, when he was a secret policeman who could do whatever he wanted to the pretty girls he interrogated, as long as he kept them less than 24 hours. The movie then segues to an interrogation room, where a young lady is brought in, told to strip, and (very lightly) tied to a table.

Unlike some of the East European spanking models you sometimes see these days, it was obvious from her facial expressions that this girl was a willing participant in the production. Anxious? Sure. And in pain, toward the end? Obviously. But at the beginning, she was trying not to laugh at the corny “take off your clothes” instructions. Very reassuring to those of us for whom this kink is supposed to be fun and lighthearted.

So she’s tied to the table and gets fifty strokes with the cane, interspersed with very lame exhortations to tell her tormenter everything she knows. He obviously doesn’t expect her to talk, and she never pleads or tries very hard to convince him she’s innocent.

About half the cane strokes seem light or “pulled”, but others seem quite vigorous, and she’s got a very welted bottom by the end. Fifty strokes, that’s your movie.

Rival Girls was quite a bit more fun, and by far the better movie. Three girls, two of whom get caned fifty strokes each. They are roommates at a school, and there’s a plot, but who cares? Girl 1 gets Girl 2 in trouble, Girl 2 gets caned, hard, then the school guy figures out what Girl 1 did and tells Girl 2 to cane Girl 1. (Girl 3 helps with the light bondage and provides a foil for some of the dialogue.)

What makes this special is that the girls are pretty and the caning is very severe. Not quite “Rigid-East” severe, but the marks are bright red and evil-looking. No faked strokes here, although Girl 2 takes awhile to get into her role and goes easy on Girl 1 at the beginning.

Also special is the behind-the-scenes extra on the DVD, taken after the shoot. All the cast members are drinking some brown spirit from a plastic water bottle (the subtitle said “tequila” but I don’t believe it) and clowning around. Everybody on the set gets a cane whack or two and they are all laughing and smiling and obviously fond of each other. Again, it’s a pleasant contrast to some of those anonymous Czech productions where the girls look young and scared and tearful and unwilling.

Thanks to the folks at Mood Pictures for the review copies!

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