And A Spanking For Irona

Goodness goodness, there’s been much fun reported over at Post Coitum Animal Triste lately. Irona is happy and well cared for:

You sent me on hands and knees to fetch the hairbrush. And the belt.

You bent me over the sofa back, balancing me on tiptoes, my buttocks and secret parts wide open to you. You had promised me a severe thrashing, but I could tell that your heart wasn’t in it. Your arousal was dominating you. All the grovelling, crawling and sheer mastery was making my head spin and my cunt drip. I craved that beating, and I loved it from start to finish. I winced, yelped and wriggled, but I savoured every blow, each perfect moment. You have never strapped me after a hairbrush spanking before, and the sensation of perfectly aimed, measured strokes of stiff leather striping my reddened, burning and tender butt cheeks (why does a spanked bottom feel so soft and supple?) was divine, the pain exquisite. After fondling my pussy and teasingly fucking me with the hairbrush handle, you rammed your cock into my soaking cunt and we both came – the urgency of our need, your hardness inside me, your flesh against mine, the fire built up by the spanking and accentuated by the stripes from my whipping all contributing to the sensation overload that sent me over the edge and left us both spent and glowing. Powerful. Grounded. Connected.

And that’s only one of her recent spankings. Like I said, well cared for.

  1. Irona commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Well thank you, Spankboss, I AM well cared for… I seem to be getting spanked for anything and everything nowadays (not that I’m in any danger of looking like the unfortunate creatures on your sidebar, though). Maybe I’m just a tad too high-maintenance ;).


  2. spankboss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Spanko girls are allowed to be high maintenance, because maintaining them is a pleasure rather than a chore. ;-)

  3. amazonia commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Spankboss, You rule, dude!

  4. okami{Rizz} commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Apparently spanking me makes Master laugh inwardly. Is that the same thing? hehe

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