Schoolgirls Who NEED Caning

So last night Bethie and I were watching a Law & Order: SVU episode in which three utterly vicious little teenaged blonde private school bitches (there’s no nicer way to put this) duct taped an ex-friend of theirs, threw her into the trunk of her own car, carved her up with manicure scissors, and then killed her. Then when the cops came around the girls were, shall we say, snotty to them.

About all I could think during this episode was that it would have been much better television if the entire process (from the girls’ obviously-lacking prior training in deportment onward through the interrogation process and clear through execution of sentence) had been conducted by vigorous application of the cane. In short, the girls didn’t have enough of this going on in their lives, not by a long shot:

schoolgirl getting caned

fancy that, looks like it hurts

a job and a bottom well done

Pictures courtesy of Girls Boarding School.

  1. Ian commented on January 9th, 2006:

    Nice cane marks, and leg action

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