A Bath Brush In The Bathroom

So this morning Bethie was in the bathroom after her shower with a big towel wrapped about half-way around herself while smearing moisturizing goo on her skin. The bathroom was full of steam and her skin was all soft and damp and hot. I had to step in for a hug and a feel.

So as I’m squeezing her, I notice one of her her bath brushes hanging on the wall. It’s very decorative…but also quite heavy with a round head and a long handle. Of course I had to test it.

“Whap!” “Whap!” One smack on each moist bottom cheek, and a satisfying “Ow! Ow!” from Bethie. Instantly an impressively large red round brush-shaped mark sprang up at each impact spot. That was so pretty I had to do two more. “Ow! Ow!”

The marks faded fast, but they were livid and oh-so-pretty for a few minutes. Even Bethie had to admit they were aesthetically pleasing. Of course, I don’t think she wanted to argue with me while the bath brush was in reach….

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