Teenager Discipline

What a horrifying punishment: this teen girl pulled a deeply foolish stunt to impress her boyfriend, and wound up getting strapped while he watched. At least he was duly impressed:

Wack! The strap smacked my daughter’s pert bottom soundly, and she yelped and jumped convincingly, but I seriously doubt she felt much through her thick jeans. “O-One,” she breathed, and I gave her another. By the time I’d gotten to five her voice had a slightly different tone to it, a little protest, perhaps, and I knew I was finally getting through her jeans. By eight she was crying, and she let out a cry at nine. After ten she began to sob, most likely with relief, and I turned to Tom.

“Okay, Tom, you may go home.” He nodded and started to leave. “Don’t forget to ask your pa for that whuppin’!” I called after him and I saw Jenna wince. I approached her and smiled.

“That was a good performance, dear. You really make it seem like it hurt.”

“B-B-But it *did* hurt, Daddy.” she moaned.

“Psshaw!” I spat. “We haven’t even started yet. I doubt you could feel a branding iron through those thick jeans of yours, let alone my feeble strap. Now drop your pants like a good girl and bare that bottom for a proper lickin’!”

Crying, the girl did as she was told, and indeed I saw her bottom was barely red. There were one or two red marks, but most of her butt was milky-white skin just waiting for my strap.

“I suppose you understand why we are doing this?”

“Yes, Daddy. I rode the tractor without permission.”

“Exactly. And for a foolish reason, at that. Just to impress a boy! That’s why I whipped you in front of him, Jenna. You think he’s impressed with you now?”

She began to really cry again when I said that and I smiled to myself. Actually, Tom was *very* impressed with her, if I wasn’t mistaken about that bulge in his pants. Nothing turns a guy on like the thought of a beautiful, innocent girl behaving naughtily and getting her bottom spanked for it.

From “The Tractor” by the Flogmaster.

  1. Frost Walker commented on August 5th, 2015:

    The links are DOA

  2. SpankBoss commented on August 5th, 2015:

    What? Eleven year old links, broken? Say it’s not so!

    Sadly, it was so. But I managed to find Internet Archive replacements, so they should be working again now.

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