A Fine Tool…For Spanking

Belle De Jour got some fancy new sofa cushion covers. Plus a bonus:

The new covers were brought up just after lunch along with detailed instructions on how to put them on and a tool to aid in application.

This tool, it must be said, looks exactly like a paddle.

A very class paddle indeed. Of the same glowing hardwood as the frame of the sofa itself, with a smooth rounded handle mimicking the turned legs of the furniture. A tapering, broad, flat side, apparently for stuffing the cushions in their new skins.

But it doesn’t look anything like an upholstery aid to me. It is, quite frankly, a well-made and extremely horny paddle. It has a leather thong threaded through the handle, for goodness’ sake. And it matches the furniture.

I looked at the paddle, then at the deliveryman. “Do you want this returned when I’m done?”

“What? No, just keep it or chuck it away. We don’t need it back.”

“Thank you.” A more welcome and unexpected gift I haven’t had in ages. It’s as if Valentine’s Day has come early.

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