Recipe For A Spanking

Sarah at Submissive Reflections recounts this anecdote about a woman she knows who withholds sex if she’s not happy with her husband. Not an uncommon tale, but rare to hear a reliable account of it being so explicitly admitted:

She told me she doesn’t give her partner sex unless he has done something for her. No blow job unless he has vacuumed, no intercourse unless he has washed up, no kissing unless he has put away all his clothes. She said it took her a couple of years to get him to understand that she has to be happy before he gets what he wants, but it was worth it. By this stage I was feeling rather ill.

I can’t ever imagine a situation where bribery and blackmail are good for a relationship. I don’t please Mac because of something He has done. I please Mac because I want too.

I mean, lets just imagine for it for a moment:

Mac’s hands tangle in my hair as He forces me down to my knees. My fingers reach automatically for His pants, undoing them and freeing His already stiffening cock. I kiss it gently then look up at Him with lust in my eyes and whisper huskily ‘Darling, did You take out the garbage?’

He freezes mid moan, with a sudden realisation in His eyes. ‘Damn baby, I forgot.’

‘Oh.’ I say, standing up and dusting off my knees. ‘Well, I guess if you don’t have time to take out the garbage…’

Is anyone else seeing a girl aching for an argument?

Well, actually, no. What I am seeing is a girl aching for about forty stout strokes from The Strap. Possibly followed (if I were in a grumpy mood, and odds are I would be, considering) by an uncomfortable night spent hogtied naked in the middle of the living room carpet.

But that’s just me.

  1. wench commented on March 10th, 2005:

    The Mistake is a little larger than this strap, and oh how I love it… but… if Majesty were of a mind… I know He could make me hate it.

  2. Spankboss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    I want something like The Mistake, if only because it’s fun to hear Bethie saying “Noooo, you don’t need a strap like that!” every time I mention it. But I wouldn’t want to make her hate it.

    Of course, she’d never give me an excuse like the one quoted, either.

  3. Sarah commented on March 10th, 2005:

    I wanted to say she would be ‘heading for a smack in the mouth’, which is Mac’s way of saying ‘Girl, you are in more trouble than you can handle’. I was a little bothered that the masses may see that as abuse.

    As for a spanking, I often think that this friend’s partner’s problems would be non-existent if he just put this friend over his knee and took control! I know there are times that Mac works hard at being polite when He really just wants to smack her. Heck, there are times I want to put her over my knee and spank her and I am the type of person that would apologise for each stroke.

    Thankyou Spankboss, I am glad to know that I am not the only one that would like to see this punished.

  4. Spankboss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Sarah, I’d have known you were talkin’ metaphorically if you’d used the “smack in the mouth” phrase, but you might be right about the masses.

    The trouble with spanking a woman like that is that it’s hard to tell (in advance) whether it will lead to an improvement in the relationship, or just to a restraining order and a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction. Not every woman is worth the risk of finding out, no matter how sorely a dominant man may be tempted.

  5. Sheep commented on March 10th, 2005:

    I know for a fact that my ex would’ve kicked me in the groin, stormed out of the room, and called the police. She was a dominant, controlling, selfish [word I can’t use here]. She was also a borderline personality, so to create a situation of such conflict and crisis would’ve just been playing into her hands.

    Sometimes I wonder why I wasted 6 years of my life with that woman. Oh wait. I remember now. It’s because we lived in the same apartment building. Folks, don’t fucking date where you live. Trust me. It’s fucking hell, and then some.

    God, I hate that woman. She dominated the entire relationship, never accepted me for who I was, and emotionally abused me. Now I’m scarred for life.

    Er… Sorry.

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