Bethie’s Bath Brush Spanking: Delivered

The reputation of the bath brush appears well deserved. There was much kicking and squawking, although she was very good and did not need to be tied. The results speak for themselves:

bethie's bottom after her bath brush spanking

closeup of bath brush welts on Bethie's bottom

Afterwards she was assuring me she’d be very very good, and would be much too sore for days for any more spanking. But a bit of lotion and a lot of rubbing later, she was commenting disappointedly on how various parts of her bottom weren’t as hot and bothered as the other parts. A few hours later, she was delving in her personal effects and handing me paddles I hadn’t seen yet “just so you can see them.”

Right. So it was over the knee for her. Her bunny paddle (a respectable weight of pine plywood with a business side and a fur side) turns out to be very controllable and ideally suited to warming neglected spots on an already-warm bottom. Eventually a nice uniform glowing red was achieved. Alas there are no pictures, because we…um…got distracted.

  1. Cart commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Love the bathbrush. It’s very intense but I love the warmth after :-)

  2. Sarah commented on March 10th, 2005:

    That looks very ouchie!!!

    Bethie is very brave and again, her bottom is just beautiful!

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