New Years Eve Spanking Tradition

I got a nice letter from Luray, who wrote in to share her New Years
Eve spanking ritual:

Well, I’ve never written you before, but I do love your site. I discovered my
love for spanking at a young age, and a few years ago I found a loving man
who was willing to use it to keep me in line. (God do I love him.) When I read
the 12 days of spankings posted on the blog I thought I would share our New
Years Eve tradition.

Through out the year I am required to keep a journal of
all the offenses I have been punished for. It is a rather detailed account of
each spanking, why I received it, what was used, how many swats I received,
and so on and so forth. Well, on new years eve I kneel before my love and read
each spanking story to him. When I have finished he takes me over my knee and
spanks me one last time for each offense. With each swat I am required not
only to count but to name the offense that it is for, to apologize for my
offense, and to thank him for the spanking.

So far this year my journal has
almost a spanking for every week. I will receive 51 spankings as a final
payment for my offenses and then and only then will I be able to start the
new year with a clean slate, not to mention a red bottom. It is a loving
experience, but also shameful to have to remember all the things I did that
caused him disappointment. I love this “judgement” day.

Feel free to post this. I think every one should do it. It really is a
freeing experience.

Thanks, Luray!

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