“Spank Me” Panties

Vikki has found some cute panties that say “I’ve been naughty” on the front and “Spank Me” on the back. I so know someone who needs six pairs.

spanking panties, front

spanking panties, back

But isn’t it sad they chose to use a model so starved and unhealthy-looking that it’s very hard to see the difference between the front and rear shots above? She has starved her own butt away. Who wants to spank a buttless woman?

(Not to turn this into a rant or make anybody feel bad about their body type, but go click through and look at the full body shots – she actually has a sunken hollow in the side of her “bottom” between the main muscle group and her protruding (ouch!) hip bone. She’s forgotten that sexual attractiveness is inextricably linked with signs and signals of fertility. This woman doesn’t look like she could survive a hard winter, much less feed a baby through one!)

  1. Invidia commented on March 10th, 2005:

    C’mon SpankBoss! I think she’s very cute just as she is. Though I know that most Doms prefer a few more curves and more softness. As one of the “goddess-shaped” subbies out there, I’m thankful for that preference. It’s a trajedy that so many ladies feel they need to be buttless and bony to be attractive – advertising tends to drive that message home. But it is good to know that many men are willing to accept fuller, rounder, softer women too.

  2. Spankboss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Oh, Invidia, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t throw her out of bed for eating crackers. (Not that she would be caught dead eating….) She’s cute enough, she just doesn’t look healthy and she sure doesn’t look fecund. I see her and I want to keep her in a very small cage on sweet-cream-and-jam rations for a couple of months.

  3. anonymous commented on March 10th, 2005:

    ROLF! You americans have got to be kidding me! Everybody with less than 30% body fat seems to be considered unhealthy and starved by you guys. ;-)

    First of all the rear shot is very misleading. She wears a thong. The rear shot actually views only a small section of her upper bottom. I call “Idiot” on the photographer on this one.

    Judging the full shots of her, I can tell you, that she is in fact very healthy and fertile for that matter and certainly not starved. That’s because she is muscular!

    Just look at her abs! They are above average for a woman. A starved woman has a flat stomach. Look at this picture of Heidi Klum and compare yourself: http://www.usanba.com/wallpapers/heidi_klum5.jpg

    The same applies to her back as evidenced by the rightmost photo. A starved woman would have a flat back, sometimes with ribs or even the spine sticking out. Again Heidi Klum for comparison: http://www.starzodrome.free.fr/heidiklum/heidiklum007.jpg

    The “hollow” in her bottom is actually caused by her flexing her but muscles in the rightmost shot. They don’t appear on the left.

    You don’t get muscles by starvation. Muscles shrink if they are not well fed.

  4. Bethie commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Hmmm okay, she’s not starving. But she’s plenty thin like most of the models whose images we’re faced with every day. And for a full-figured gal like me, that’s something I’ve had to cope with on a daily basis and try not to be intimidated by. Even though I’m happy with myself, it’s hard not to be intimidated when that body type is held up as the ideal in our culture.

    If you have any doubts about my insecurity ask Spankboss or check out that poll he put up when I doubted anyone would want to see “those” pics of me. I didn’t question why because I was fishing for compliments. I questioned it because I don’t have that ideal body type I normally see. Luckily Spankboss doesn’t see it as ideal and tells me that so much that I truly believe him.

    Btw, ya’ll have no idea how happy Spankboss gets when he’s able to tell me that he told me so. And ya’ll made him very happy by voting “yes” in that poll! LOL

    And, hey! Why only six pairs of those panties? ;)

  5. Spankboss commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Six pairs? One for every day of the week, of course. You won’t be needing any on Sunday. {wink}

    Besides, surely you can be good one day a week?

  6. Eliza commented on March 10th, 2005:

    she’s okay…for a skinny ass model…she is, although way too skinny…so she’s been doing ‘something’…but anyways…they are so cute…wish my boyfriend would buy me a pair *;-)*

  7. holly commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Making comments like that about someone’s weight is just plain rude. It’s just as rude for someone to come up to me and say “you’re so skinny” as it is for me to say to them “you’re so fat”. I am naturally thin and when people tell me “you’re so skinny” it angers me because it makes me feel as if they are judging me based on my looks, not who I am inside.

  8. Nadine commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Where can I buy these panties????? Please let me know ASAP. Need Santa to spank me. LOL

  9. Cuten commented on September 14th, 2008:

    This is a very old post, but on the change that someone might click through… I completely agree with Holly. I’m naturally thin, and I don’t understand why people can’t be supportive of all body types, and kind to people of all shapes. Making bigger, curvier women feel beautiful doesn’t mean you have to bash us twiggy girls.

  10. SpankBoss commented on September 14th, 2008:

    Nobody here was making making fun of “naturally thin” body types. My comments are aimed at the gaunt and unhealthy thinness that results when fashion or mental illness induces women (and, much more rarely, men) to starve themselves into a dangerous (and, yes, unattractive) state.

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