Spanking Pleasure Programming

Jack and Danevah are trying an interesting pleasure experiment:

When he touches my clit directly, lightly rubs the pad of a finger over that naked bundle of nerves, I have a certain kind of involuntary shudder that I do. He loves it. He decided that there was no reason I couldn’t have a similar pleasurable reaction while being spanked.

Today we started training my body a little bit. I had my legs spread and back arched while I was on all fours on the bed, as open and vulnerable a position as I could manage. Using the leather paddle I hate/love so much, he would swat me and immediately after, would touch my clit. Just a gentle little rub, enough to bring on the shudder. After a while, he tried spanking me a few times without the little shudder-rub, and lo and behold my body remembered and I moved the same way anyway.

I hope we’ll get updates about how it goes after days and days of reinforcement.

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