The Spanking Strap “Mistake”

A delightful new find in my referral logs: A submissive’s blog called Primal Scream and (via her links) that rarest of creatures, a blog in a male voice (her Majesty’s) with D/s things to say: Grumbles From A High D Personality.

I love hearing both sides. She says:

Majesty spanked me this morning with ‘The Mistake’. I’m still convinced that it was me that made ‘The Mistake’ in buying it. But He really really enjoys it, so it couldn’t have been too much of a bad choice, right?

He says:

Last night she gave me another of the presents; a kind of strap made of thick leather with a handle. Hanson calls it “The Mistake”. W was kind of wondering if she made “the mistake”. It is wicked. I tried it on her today. It delivers a lot of wallop with very little movement.

And note carefully, in his daily list of “pure D/s activities for the day” the entry “spanking w with new strap” appears like clockwork. I think he likes his present!

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