Whipping Guys

Here’s a goodie for the fellows who like to be on the receiving end. Writes total_girlpower@yahoo.com:

He did something for which he apologised. I
told him that was not good enough and that he should be whipped. His
mistake was agreeing. So off to the woods, and I did it the old-fashioned slave days way.

He was naked tied with his arms and legs
spread out. My best friend came along and doubted I would do and that
I showed no mercy. I used a three-foot quirt on his backside for one hour. When I was finished, he was on his knees whimpering. It was the best
rush I ever had.

Later I made him perform, and he was the
best. After that, he gave me a back rub because I was sore from the
whip workout. He was hard at first when I tied him up. However, I beat him
limp. Talk about power.

All men should be whipped to show who is
boss. The Spartans whipped their men once a year with girlfriends and
wives watching and they were naked. I would suggest whipping men for
all kinds of things: adulterous thoughts; staring at women and girls
wrongly and premature ejaculation.

But this is not that sort of blog. So, in the interests of turnabout (and because total_girlpower isn’t here to be turned about over a knee while she gets her bottom emblazoned with the marks of her own quirt) what’s the equivalent list for women?

“I would suggest whipping women for all kinds of things: ____, ____, ____….”

Help me fill in the blanks. Suggestions?

  1. Dick commented on June 8th, 2005:

    I’ve always believed in the superiority of Women and they must show us who is the boss. If your Lady requires you to be whipped to make up for your faults, then submit to Her, take your whipping, adore Her and thank Her for loving you enough to whip you! Maybe next time you will act according to Her will.

  2. Gary commented on June 11th, 2005:

    I believe deeply as a man that it should be considered every Woman’s right to whip Her husband, boyfriend, or male lover anytime She feels he has gotten out of line in any way, misbehaved in any way, disobeyed Her in any way, or displeased Her in any way.
    How else is a man going to understand his proper male role of submission and obedience to his Woman, and find the motivation to always seek to serve, please and obey Her?

  3. Billy commented on February 10th, 2006:

    I sincerely do believe men should be whipped by a woman naked restrained & this bare buttocks whipped severly

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