The Spencer Spanking Plan

Thanks to Gary Switch for sending along a link to The Spencer Spanking Plan, that notorious 1930s progressive document for the scientific adjustment of marital difficulties. Of course I can’t approve of it wholeheartedly, as it lines husbands up for their fair share of domestic discipline. (I’m all about the delicious double standard that spares my pristine buttocks and reddens hers.) Still, for all that The Plan is a kinky blueprint masquerading as scientific sociology, it honestly pegs several of the benefits that one still hears domestic discipline aficionados describing today:

Just what is a modern spanking or whipping?

It is a product of today — an act of discipline given under carefully defined and controlled conditions. Brutality is entirely foreign to the idea. Revenge, oppression, force, and violence are all frowned upon and do not enter into the Plan in any way. The idea of a modern spanking is to administer punishment when it is needed — then make up and forget the whole incident.

In this way, every disagreement is effectively closed before it has time to ferment into serious discord — to grow into hatred or an indifference which even a great crisis may not be able to heal. The couple that has every difference out when it arises is not likely to build up an antagonism that can be settled only in the divorce courts.

Also, should modern spankings and whippings be administered, they tend to improve dispositions, increase domestic happiness, create a much more desirable spirit of unselfishness, and eliminate much other unpleasantness.

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  1. Ron commented on June 12th, 2006:

    Really a good idea, specially for those of us that enjoy switching, having spent my entire life in the erotic spanking world, I feel that giving and receiving a good spanking is the best , romantic ,and fun way to spend an evening. 3 -4 -or- 5 hours of spanking and you both feel like you are in heaven, your butts are tingling with a pins and needles sensation and you are so tired and can’t raise your spanking arm , but you feel wonderful and in love. For me nothing is better than lieing across a ladies lap and getting lashed with a strap and if byou can find the lady that feels the same , you are in heaven.

  2. anonymous commented on March 27th, 2009:

    Please note that the Spencer Plan is not specifically an erotic tool. It’s design is to foster improved communication, equality and conflict resolution within a pair bonded couple. I personally believe that if one finds spanking erotic & enjoyable then the disciplinary value if reduced.

    There is nothing wrong with playful “slap & tickle” but Spencer Plan is about creating an environment where partners take responsibility for their actions within the partnership and get rewarded for those actions that improve their relationship and disciplined for those that do not. That helps create a much stronger union and therefore a better relationship.

  3. Jim commented on February 6th, 2011:

    Just a note: I’m the husband in the Spencer contract. It was recommended by a marriage counselor after 10 months of consoling in our 6th year of marriage. It has be very helpful for our happy over the last 41 years. Neither my wife or I find the spankings erotic.

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