Leather Strap Spanking

Here’s an excerpt from a fun little spanking story that’s also got some stern lecturing in it, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing:

The Duke spanked her with his hand until she was sobbing aloud, and then seized a leather strap, both wider and thicker than his belt. Its blazing kiss across her reddened buttocks made her sing her agony loudly into the covers of the bed, grateful to be able to muffle her cries somewhat.

The strap fell again and again on her defenseless bottom, its impact loud in her ears, the pain of each stroke like a burning brand to her flesh. The Duke strapped her long and very soundly, while she sobbed and cried and screamed and wailed in despair. She was breathless with sobbing, disbelieving how much her bottom hurt, her thighs quivering with strain.

And then he punished her thighs too! She shrieked at this horrible new sensation, begging desperately in her mind for it to stop. But she did not beg aloud. She had asked for this with her own words, and she would not ask for its ending. She held her position over the foot of the bed valiantly, though her body trembles and she could not help the way her hips wriggled as if to ward off the blows, and her feet stamped the floor a little as though to try to shake of the burning pain.

The strap paused in its ministrations until the Duke spread her legs a bit further, and then Felicity let out a bloodcurdling shriek as she felt its stinging kiss on her sex. The strap smacked the pouting lips of her vagina over and over, not as hard as it had struck her buttocks and thighs,but hard enough so that it stung terribly, and she longed to close her legs.

From the story Felicity by Heather.

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