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I’m starting to think this spanking blog idea of mine doesn’t suck. The more new ones spring up, the better I like it. A big welcome please to No Longer Mine. Danevah has some hot spanking experiences to share:

“Now all you have to do,” He growled, almost gently, “is maintain form. Be a good girl.”

I like — no, I am more comfortable with — slow, gradual warm-ups. Jack likes to keep my off balance and deep in subspace by starting hard and fast, bringing me to the verge of tears then slowing, taking his time once I’m already sore and ready to beg. He brought the crop down again and again across my ass and thighs, making me yelp and buck. He had covered my ass with red triangular welts by the time tears welled up and I choked out a ‘please.’

He paused, rubbed his hands gently over my sore flesh, kissed my back. He told me to crawl forward on the bed, so I was kneeling on all fours. He brought down the crop again, this time with stroked still sharp but a little less forceful, and little more sensual, paying particular attention to my inner thighs and the most sensitive spot on my bottom, the crease where I sit. I was sobbing, tears dripping into my hair, but also getting more wet than I thought possible.

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