The Spanking Chair

It’s been a little while since I posted links to any spanking stories here. But here’s a cute one that I haven’t seen before, about a bratty young wife learning some manners:

“STOPPPPP!!!!” Poor thing. He didn’t stop. SMACK! SMACK! He smacked a perfect oval that went just to the top of her thighs, up over one cheek, down the other cheek to the thigh again. He took his time and made sure he covered the area thoroughly.

Her bursts of anger were slowing down finally. But I could tell his hand was beginning to hurt. That’s when he spotted it. The wooden hairbrush on the dresser was just out of reach.

Well her tone changed when that hairbrush smacked her left cheek. But before she could say a word, another SMACK! hit her right cheek. He was working fast now. The hairbrush came down on her hot cheeks again and again. Not till he turned her bottom a dark red and she was begging, pleading and promising to be good, did he finally stop.

From “The Chair” by Jules.

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