Orbitz Girl Needs A Spanking

Is it just me? Or does that annoyingly perky Brit-girl in the Orbitz gum commercials really really really need a good spanking?

Show me her squirming red ass, and then I’ll buy the gum. “Fabulous!”

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  1. cornerthyme commented on May 4th, 2005:

    I agree and would like to add that the Ricola girl who just wags her finger and goes “uh- uh” Like no-no could paddle my butt red anyday

  2. Draekth'ir commented on May 2nd, 2006:

    Agreed. I’m sure the Orbitz gum Brit-girl’s would be just ‘Fabulous’ to spank; lets see that arse of hers. I’ll spank her…. not matter wot.

  3. Maria Ping commented on June 25th, 2009:

    I would spank the hell out of her. She is annoying and someone needs to. But at the same time I would literally give anything for her to put me over her knee. You have to admit she is hot. Annoying, but very hot.
    I want to make a commercial where I say something bad so she takes me over her knee and just blisters my bottom. Then she can say her dirty mouth line, but instead of smiling I would have duct tape or something over my mouth and it would sparkle. Girl on girl OTK with me and the Orbit Gum girl! Orbit would make more money from that commercial then they have since they started their business. :)
    Love Ya.

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