Hardware Store Fun

The things you miss when you go on vacation.

This story starts way back in August. I was chatting online with a friend about the fun you can have in hardware stores, and how easy it is for kinky people to get distracted. By way of example, I told a little story about how I had been walking through the plumbing supply aisle and gotten entirely distracted by a display of toilet plungers and their (detached for shipping and display) handles. “You know,” I said, “the ones with the long clear plastic handle with the little bloops on the end, that looks just like an expensive lucite dildo.” My story, as it happen, involved me hefting the (heavy) handle and thinking about whether it would serve as a spanking stick, or would be too heavy – but that’s not important now.

For imagine my delight in discovering that Katy at Captive Heart is putting one of these handles (which her master delicately calls “an item”) to good use! Obviously I’m not the only one to spot this item’s potential.

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