Bedtime Spanking

Here’s a sweet spanking story from Heidi Leigh’s Hideaway, a nice site with a variety of spanking writings:

Heidi’s Bedtime Spanking

By Heidi Leigh

Amid a swirling array of people, Heidi and Sven sat together on an old wooden bench in the middle of Grand Central Station.

Sven turned to Heidi and softly whispered in her ear, “You’re going to get a bedtime spanking when we get to the hotel tonight.”

“But I didn’t do nuthin’ wrong!” Heidi insisted, looking up at her fiancé in dismay. She stamped her foot in protest, but the sound was drowned out by the footsteps of the thousands of busy people rushing by.

Sven pressed on, doing his best to embarrass Heidi and make her blush. “I bet you’re the only girl in this train station that was promised a bedtime spanking tonight.”

“Hmmph,” replied Heidi.

Heidi and Sven had an amazing day in New York City: they dined in Little Italy, attended a taping of the Ricki Lake show, and they even got to see the new J.Lo statue at the wax museum tour. After all that excitement, Heidi hoped that Sven would have long since forgotten about the bedtime spanking. But he hadn’t. In fact, it was the first thing on his mind when they got to their hotel room that evening.

“I never forget my promises to you, Heidi. Now it’s time for you to get spanked.”

“But you said it was gonna be a bedtime spanking and I’m not ready for bed yet,” Heidi persisted. “Lemme at least take a bath first.”

From previous experience, Heidi figured that if she could take a long enough bubble bath, Sven might already be in bed sound asleep by the time she was done. But Sven was on to Heidi’s tricks.

“No, you’re get a spanking right now!” he demanded. He climbed onto the king-sized bed and pulled Heidi across his lap. Heidi whimpered, dreading the unjust punishment she was about to receive.

“Don’t you remember when you used to like to get bedtime spankings?” asked Sven, lightly rubbing his hands across Heidi’s behind.

“No,” fibbed Heidi. “Never.”

“Wrong answer,” said Sven. “The correct answer is that you still like to get them.”

Heidi blushed, knowing she would never admit that. She had been wearing a pair of denim overalls and Sven carefully unhooked and lowered them so that she was clad in only her t-shirt and panties. And now that she was properly prepared, Sven proceeded to give Heidi a thorough panty warming. He only used his hand, but Heidi still thought he was spanking especially hard. She tried her best to be submissive and obedient, the way Sven wanted her to be. This was never an easy feat for Heidi, especially when her bottom felt like it was on fire! Heidi couldn’t help but instinctively writhe and twist over Sven’s lap.

“Be still!” said Sven, sternly. “No more swimming on my lap. Am I going to have to go get the hairbrush…or the strap?”

“No sir,” replied Heidi. She vowed to try her best to behave.

Sven resumed the spanking, continuing until the red was glowing through Heidi’s pink cotton panties. It took every ounce of self-control she had not to reach back to try and protect herself.

After several agonizing minutes, Sven’s hand stopped spanking and Heidi sighed with relief, hoping that her punishment was over. But no such luck. Sven had only been resting his hand.

“It’s time for these to come off,” he said, yanking her pink cotton panties down past her knees.

He then lifted his hand and gave Heidi a long bare-bottom spanking, not stopping until she was steadily crying. The soft, delicate flesh on Heidi’s bottom was so sensitive and without even panties for protection, it stung with indescribable pain. Finally, when Sven had noticed a sufficient change in Heidi’s attitude, he stopped the spanking and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek and told her how much he loved her. While she continued crying into the pillow, he began to rub the sting out of her tender bottom.

“You were very brave,” said Sven. “That was a hard spanking.”

Heidi sniffled. “I know.”
Your bottom is awfully red,” he commented. As he stroked it he could feel the heat radiating from her sore cheeks. Heidi didn’t respond.

“Are you being sulky, young lady?”

“No,” said Heidi. She really wasn’t trying to be, because experience had taught her that it would only result in yet another spanking on her already scorched bottom.

“I can see that sulk on your face…”

“No, I’m not sulking,” said Heidi. “Really, I’m not.”

“Okay. Then can I have a kiss?”

Heidi reached over to Sven and gave him a soft kiss. At the touch of Heidi’s sweet lips, Sven went crazy. Their tongues entwined deep in each other’s mouth, Sven reached down and unhooked Heidi’s bra. He lifted off her t-shirt, and with both his mouth and hands, he began to tease her nipples to hardness. Sven was extremely aroused. And so was Heidi, despite what she had said earlier about not wanting to be spanked. She reached down and pulled off Sven’s own underpants. His cock was swollen and hot and ready for Heidi. She turned over, supporting herself on her elbows, and arched her back, pushing her ass high into the air. Sven entered her from behind, clutching her red bottom as he thrust back and forth. He waited until Heidi had come several times before he exploded deep inside her.

Afterwards they collapsed on the bed, holding each other beneath the sheets. Heidi was about ready to drift off to sleep, but before she closed her eyes, Sven pointed out that when he touched her bottom it was still very warm.

The story is Heidi’s Bedtime Spanking By Heidi Leigh.

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