Spanked In The Woods

Bethie has generously sent me a woodland fantasy spanking story that I was quite unable to resist posting. During my recent vacation, I spent a lot of time in the woods, but it was nowhere near this much fun:

You stop at a fallen tree on the edge, sit down, and pull me over your lap. “Are you ready to tell me what naughty plan you had on your mind yet?” you ask as you pull down my shorts. I don’t answer figuring it won’t matter even if I do. You begin spanking me then. Hard swats rain down over my panty-clad rear and down to my upper thighs.

“Ohh!” I gasp as I wonder if this is really serious. You stop and rest your hand on my bottom. “Ready to ‘fess up, young lady?” you growl as your hand caresses my tingling cheeks. Your soft touch reassures me that this isn’t a true punishment session. The butterflies in my stomach instantly turn to bats and I shake my head unable to speak. “Fine. Let’s continue your lesson then!”

You pull down my panties and I wail, “No! Please!” As you begin spanking me hard and steadily I’m feeling the sting building and I begin to twist and shift myself over your lap….

From “A Walk In The Woods” by Bethie.

I swear, next time I go for a walk in the woods, I’m going to try and entice Bethie into coming with me….

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