Newlywed Spanking Fun

The Newlywed Nympho had a good weekend:

He rolled me over onto my side and took me from behind, then rolled me over on my stomach and aimed for my ass. He took my hands and moved them around behind my back, holding them briefly in one hand, pumping my pussy with his cock, and poking one finger into my asshole.

Soon the lube came out, and he lubed up himself and my back door, and worked his way into my ass. It was pleasantly painful, and after much noise from me, some “force” from him, and a lot of spanking*, he finally came. He warned me, when I tried to get up, that I was carrying a serious load. Boy, he wasn’t kidding!

*He spanked me more today than he ever has before, probably all the swats he’s ever given me combined. I liked it, but it started stinging. Then it started downright hurting. I didn’t stop him, though, because it went along with what we were doing, and I was enjoying the pain. He was obviously enjoying my reaction, as well, because he continued to spank me until my ass was red and stinging-sore.

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