“Do Not Meddle In The Affairs of Mages…”

The Boss from The Collar Purple has turned out another exceedingly excellent spanking story. This one involves an ambitious apprentice being punished for her magical misdeeds. The story is particularly noteworthy for its quantity and quality of stern lecture. Just the sort of thing so many spankees enjoy!

Thalia gasped as she felt the line of fire explode across her buttocks. It had been many years since she had received physical punishment and this was far, far more painful than any in her memory. The second blow was even worse and the third worse yet.

“Without control,” Khador said as he continued the beating, “I cannot allow you to learn the secrets of my craft.” He swung again and caught her on the upper part of her thigh, causing her to cry out. “You would be a danger to yourself and others.”

She desperately tried to twist around and see when the next blow would land, but the hook’s spell held her fast and she could only guess by the slight sound made as Khador swung the magical weapon. Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Involuntary yelps of pain escaped her with each blow as her intention to bear up stoically failed under the assault.

With a relentless and characteristic efficiency, the magus caned her thoroughly, pausing only long enough to let her drag in a few, ragged breaths before he continued again.

From “Apprenticeship” by The Boss.

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