Guys Get Spanked Too

An email correspondent recently expressed gentle and understanding regrets that Spanking Blog doesn’t have more for the guy who likes to get spanked. My trouble, of course, is that since my tastes don’t run that way I have trouble identifying what’s hot in that department. But possibly this BDSM scene report from Trinity will be a start in rectifying the problem. It sound like a couple of guys got spanked and whipped pretty hard by some very fun ladies:

The play began with a guy getting his birthday whacks, ten for each year. All the women took turns giving him ten whacks on the ass with whatever we wanted. (Or at least, that’s how it started… by the end of it, it was “however many you want, with any toy at all”, as long as when everyone’s had a few turns we come out to the set number.) It was very fun, because the guy getting whacked was someone who could handle some really nasty hits. All the women were trying to outdo each other and really whaling on this guy. It was nice. It was also nice to borrow some of the other women’s really evil toys and use them. ;) And nice to watch some of the submissive women, who’d never topped at all, timidly go up to the guy and hit him nervously, only to become truly vicious once we egged them on enough. Muahahahahahaha.

There’s more.

Post bonus: A whipped man link.

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