Master Chris’s Stories

Jennifer waited once again. Her position could not be more vulnerable. She was bent far over, her head hanging down with outstretched arms, her feet spread and hanging down also. Jennifer’s tightly muscled bottom was the highest point of her body and its prominence was made all the more acute by the fact that Jennifer was completely nude.

Jennifer closed her eyes, wishing that the humiliating punishment that she would soon suffer was already over. How on earth could she have ended up in this position again?

All fiction requires at least a tiny suspension of disbelief, some more than others, to be sure! The very best make the job easy despite outlandish situations and unlikely events. On the other hand, a well-written piece can be wildy improbable and still be enjoyable. it’s cotton candy, but you know it’s cotton candy and it still tastes okay.

Master Chris’s stuff is like that. He’s prolific and it’s all good enough to keep your attention and amuse and/or excite you depending on your kink and the story in question.

There’s an archive of his stuff over at the BDSM Library. That site has a lot of stories so is well worth checking out even if Chris’s stories aren’t to your taste.

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