Wooden Spoon Spanking

The extremely talented Lizbeth Dusseau at Pink Flamingo Publications writes one heck of a good spanking story! I have enjoyed everything I have ever read by her. She has a free site where visitors can sample stories that she and other authors have written. [Not any more — link removed — SpankBoss.] Here is a brief excerpt from one of the stories there:

Pushing the robe away with my hand, I bared her twin mounds and they almost took my breath away-so white, so gloriously white, like pristine fields of pale snow in the morning light. They jiggled slightly as I adjusted her on my lap and I could feel her trembling inside the grasp of my arm. Holding her tightly about the waist-because I remember my friend saying that was imperative-I began. Packing a good deal of punch to the strokes I laid on that lovely rear, the results were quite astounding and almost immediate. There was a beautiful pink blush rising within seconds, and the more I paddled her, the more the hue of her flesh deepened in color. The more I worked Bridget’s behind, the more eager I was to make her skin righteously smart. I’m sure my scheme was inspired by her response. She moaned quite sweetly at the start like it was hardly anything at all. But with my anger fresh and unassuaged, I was determined she get my message. She would not be groaning sweetly when I was done!

[2011 SpankBoss update: Google tells me this excerpt is now visible on the web at Pink Flamingo as part of the free teaser for an ebook called Reckless Disregard.]

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