Punishment Spanking Story

Here are some excerpts from a story of hard punishment spanking. The story’s a little light on punctuation, but worthy for all that:

This is my final letter as my diary reaches it close. I want to end with two memories. The first is the hardest punishment spanking I ever received from you, and the second is how you introduced me to anal sex, something for which I am eternally grateful, as my new Master loves it.

It was again a stupid action by me which caused the punishment….

You told me that the rest of my punishment was to be administered now and would be the wooden paddle followed by the cane. My bum was already so sore that I did not know whether I could take more. But I had faith that, although you would push me to my ultimate limits, you would not abuse me, so I prepared myself.

This time it was the A-frame and it was already in position awaiting me. I stepped forward and heard you whisper “Courage” as I took up my position and you strapped me into place.

First was the wooden paddle – that most lethal of all instruments – which not only sears the bum, but which has holes that leave little blisters. The first stroke landed on my bum and I seemed to rise up as the pain coursed through me. The second and third followed, and then a final three. My whole bum area was now a mass of pain and I knew I must prepare myself for the cane.

From “Letters From a Submissive“.

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