Spanked By The Boss

Here’s another excerpt from an online spanking novel by Hawkwood. In this world, it seems, personal responsibility is demanded at a much higher standard, and enforced by punishments for all infractions against the social order, however minor:

With this last defense resting around Susan’s knees, he allowed himself a moment to enjoy the sight of her naked and shapely bottom in its naturally creamy appearance. Then he lifted the hairbrush and commenced her punishment.

The first swat caught her across the summit of her right cheek, and got her full attention right away. It was always apparent to Susan that her boss enjoyed performing this little duty. She could feel his erection against her belly, and it was always a little extra embarrassment. But the effect only lasted until the first stinging lick of the brush left her with no attention to spare for minor distractions.

Bill was very good at getting a maximum effect from his little brush. He was probably not as expert at inducing pain as Mr. Thompson, but his employees never had cause to complain of undue leniency. The antique brush was polished very smoothly on its back, the result of many years of application to bare female flesh. The hard maple wood was more than sufficient to light a moderate fire in a woman’s backside.

The first swat had brought a little gasp of surprise to the blonde’s lips. No matter how many times she was spanked by her boss, the first burning impact always startled her with its intensity. The second, which followed quickly on the other buttock was equally severe, but somehow more endurable for being less of a surprise.

Bill paused a moment to watch the twin oval marks on the rounded surfaces darken to a color like a rich wine. Presently, he applied another swat to each cheek, and after another moment, two more. By the time she had absorbed eight of the burning spanks, Susan began to squirm.

From Chapter 1 of Kansas, by Hawkwood.

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