Spanked for Smoking

Here’s a well-deserved domestic punishment spanking that ends (as I suspect many spankings do) with some pretty sexy submission from the wife:

*CRACK* The first stinging blow of the belt came as a surprise to Kelly her body shaking and suddenly attempting to break free as the harsh pain broke the flow of excitement that had enchanted her.

The belt came down again, the leather cracking against a new part of her ass, marking it’s passage with a bright red stripe. Kelly screamed and tried to scratch at Tom’s ankles, which brought another, harder, spank of the belt. Her eyes were clenched tight as the blows rained down on her tender ass, reddening the smooth white cheeks.

From “Never Again” by Lawrence of Arabia.

  1. Dave commented on December 5th, 2011: does not exist anymore now it’s some kind of search site.

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