Punishment Spanking

Here’s a brisk punishment spanking with all the trimmings:

The alarm goes off and I get my child off to school and do a few morning chores that donít take long. Thereís nothing to do but to wait. The bed looks inviting and I lie down to wait. Over and over I regret not having talked to Godmother, asked him what was I feeling. For not asking him, I am going to have my bottom paddled because I had the wrong answer. Itís so hard to be happy to see him and dread going over his knee at the same time. Crying isnít an option, that always happens during a punishment spanking. He told me to drag out the hairbrush, which he intends to use when I rub my bottom when I am not supposed to. Again, that also always happens during a punishment spanking. Crying in the corner afterwards with my red bottom on display is right before the hardest part of the whole punishment spanking. The hardest part is being called over to him and trying to look into his eyes to see if I am really forgiven.

He sits in the wooden straight-backed spanking chair and I look down at the implements he wanted set next to the chair. A medium sized paddle is there for an intense paddling for lots of sting, the pancake flipper is there to add just the right amount of burn, and the hairbrush is there for when I reach back and rub my bottom without permission. Thor, the big heavy paddle, is used to seal in the heat deep in the tissues of my bottom and is used as the last implement. One swat of Thor will bring tears if the others have not met that objective. All the paddles are there that he requested, but I still continue to stare at them. Even looking at the paddles to be used on my bottom is better than seeing that he is disappointed in me.

From “Punished” by Minxie.

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