Lucky Mija

Here’s part of a sweet love letter from a guy who is describing what life will be like once he and his beloved are living together. There is quite a lot more in this vein:

So, in celebration of the fact that this is the last time we won’t be together for Mija’s birthday, I thought I’d describe how I’m going to reward Mija for being so patient, and exactly what I’m going to do to her. Starting in a few months’ time. And then lasting forever.

I’m going to put Mija over my knee and spank her. Hard. On her bare bottom. Like the naughty little girl she is. I’m going to hold her tight while she kicks and squirms. I’m going to take her knickers down, so that they bind her legs together, and then I’m going to smack her thighs bright red.

I’m going to give Mija a bedtime spanking every night. If she’s been a good girl, it’ll be a warm and squirmy good-girl spanking. If she’s been a naughty girl, she’ll be walloped soundly with the hairbrush, or with my heavy hairbrush paddle, and then spend some quiet time sitting in the corner on the stool that I’m going to put there. Whether Mija has been good or naughty, I’m going to read her a bedtime story before we go to sleep.

I’m going to punish Mija when she misbehaves, and discipline her regularly even when she doesn’t. There’ll be simple, clear rules that keep her life structured and together. I’m going to expect that the rules will be obeyed.

I’m going to hold Mija, to kiss her and squeeze her, to trace my fingers through her hair, across all of her body, because none of it is secret. I’m going to squeeze her nipples, run my fingernails roughly across the welts on her bottom.

Didn’t you realise how mean I am?

I’m going to look after Mija. I’m going to keep her safe. I’m going to love her.

From “What I’m Going To Do To Mija” by Pablo.

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