Whipped For Grabbing Master’s Ass

Cecille’s new blog looks very promising. I love all these tales of submissives having fun, although one might wish there were more dominants writing about these sorts of scenes from their point of view. Is it just me, or are there WAY more female voices in the BDSM blogging scene than there are male ones? Anyway, here’s Cecille’s night with a friend:

“You look good with my cum on you. You did well in waiting for me like a good little slut. You even kept your bra on like I prefer. But you made a mistake didn’t you?”

I nodded and looked down.

“Yes you did. Touching me without permission. Now you have to be punished. Over the chest.”

I laid over the big chest at the foot of his bed, my tits hanging over one end, my ass and pussy over the over.

I felt his hand undo my bra and let him take it off me. Now I knew part of the punishment would be on my tits. He walked in front of me and put two tight, sharp clamps on my nipples. He pulled wires attached to the clips, and tied them to hooks on the edge of the chest. He pulled them tight, stretching my tis to their limit.

A few minutes later I felt cold gel being spread on my asshole. He worked a finger in my ass, and quickly replaced it with a large butt plug.

Suddenly the whipping began. When I jumped, I pulled on the clamp biting on my tits. The whipping came down fast and hard. I tried hard not to cry out, but between the blows on my ass and my tits being pulled, I let out a few screams. Some of the lashings landed on the butt plug, sending shocks through my ass. My pussy was soaked even though it hadn’t been touched. After a few minutes my mind was lost in a mix of pleasure and pain….

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