Prison Caning & Birching

Here’s a very harsh story of a special women’s prison. Two inmates are punished for a lesbian dalliance, one with an extremely severe caning and the other by a brutal birching. An excerpt:

She straightened and hopped up and down on the training room
floor, her hands covering her bottom. It was an involuntary
act. She knew there was no way that she would be let off the
rest of her punishment, but she just couldn’t stay in place
any more as the already unbearable pain in her rear continued
to get worse and worse.

Angrily the sergeant grabbed her hands and forced her back
down over the desk. He called one of the male warders to hold
her down and looked towards Mrs Chambers for directions. “Two
penalty strokes, officer,” she ordered.

Sergeant Marlowe removed his uniform jacket and rolled his
right shirt sleeve up to his elbow. Then he took the cane
from Sharon and told her to stand back. He spat on his hands
and laid on the two hardest strokes Melissa had received that
day, aiming them expertly to land one on top of the other just
above the girl’s thighs. The effect on Melissa was
devastating. Her screams were heartbreaking and the warder
needed all his strength to hold her in place. The sergeant
handed the cane back to Sharon with another bow.

From “Norton Parva“.

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