A Spanker Gets Spanked

OK, the whole women-spanking-men thing doesn’t get much play here, because it doesn’t do a lot for your humble host. But a good story is a good story, and sometimes a spanking story takes an unexpected turn. This one starts out promisingly enough:

Megan dropped a hand to her bottom, rubbing it through her pajamas. He always makes me pay for coming to bed this late. Though it was clear he knew she often did it deliberately.

She sighed, remembering the last time she’d worked past midnight. Her husband had been particularly peeved that night. Probably just horny and tired of waiting, she thought with a smile. Squirming at her desk the next day under senior partner McKavey’s gaze hadn’t been as much fun as what followed David’s leather belt.

Megan felt a tingle between her thighs. Maybe it is a shame David is away. A long sexy spanking and a roll in the sack would be nice right about now. She closed her report. Enough work for tonight. She fired up her computer’s movie player, browsing for David’s latest spanking clips. It was nice to have a husband with shared interests. At least she could fantasize about what she should be getting when she went to bed.

One movie followed another, naughty “schoolgirls” howling under hand, strap and the cane. Megan was breathless with excitement. Oh, to be spanked for a uniform violation!

But then the story takes the unexpected turn:

She opened another file; a woman in a tailored suit was dealing with an errant man over her lap, her hairbrush coming down hard. David must have downloaded this one by mistake. She opened another file, amateurish footage of a broadly built woman caning an older man. Another mistake? She opened another file, almost the same, only the woman was younger and dressed in tacky green pvc.

Four years of law school and two years earning her stripes as an associate kicked into play. Surely not!

Megan trawled through the computer. Four folders under “David’s Work Stuff” she found her prize, carefully hidden in a folder “Programming 101”. Thousands of images, stories and movies, all carefully cataloged. A collection almost as large as the one they shared for mutual titillation, only women spanking men, all of them.

Oops! David is so busted! She eventually confronts him right after she gets her own hard spanking. And then a little later, she calls him at work:

David, I’ve decided to spank you when you get home. Very hard, just like you deserve.”

David let out an incoherent mumble. To see his face now, that would be priceless.

“You know, I’m going to use that wicked hairbrush. The wooden one you bought for me. Ironic isn’t it. But you know what?”

“Umm…what Megan?” David was trying to keep his voice level, but a polygraph machine would have been smoking.

“Well I’ve been thinking about you, hiding stuff from me for years, me tanning your bottom with the brush. It’s making me hot, I’m going to love it.”

“I’m um… glad to hear that.”

Megan smiled at her husband’s discomfort. “All agreed then. And it’s going to be a ‘tears spanking’ too honey. I think you know the term. Now have a good day, and don’t be late.”

Megan cut the call, knowing she’d leave her flustered husband holding onto a dead line.

And then she delivers, with a righteous but good-natured vengeance.

From “Switching, Part 101“.

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