Spanking The Wife’s Bratty Sister

Here’s a classic tale of domestic discipline, only it gets interesting when the spanked wife’s bratty sister bursts in:

James surveyed the crimson, twitching bottom of his contrite, well-spanked wife with satisfaction. Elizabeth lay exhausted, but incredibly aroused. She moved her bottom in response to her husband’s caressing hand and lifted her cheeks hoping that it would stray between her legs. Suddenly the silence was broken by the kitchen door swinging open and a suitcase landing on the floor before them. Standing there, open-mouthed at the scene before her stood Elizabeth’s younger sister Katherine.

“What on earth!!! Liz! What in heaven’s name?!…” she spluttered. Elizabeth scrambled off James’ knee and clamped both hands to her scorched cheeks.

“Have you ever heard of knocking at the front door young lady, before you enter people’s homes via their back door?” breathed James, apparently totally unperturbed by this interruption to proceedings. He stood up and crossed to the bar and poured three drinks.

Elizabeth felt her face colouring as red as her rear and then suddenly she wasn’t embarrassed at all, rather, she felt very like giggling.

Katherine began pacing the room, “I’ve left that beast Steven. He… he told me I was a spoilt brat just because I wanted a new car. And what’s going on here!”

“My dear,” said James with a smile, “Steven is totally correct. You are a brat. As for what is going on here, Elizabeth has been very naughty this week and I have just finished giving her a very thorough spanking. Something which, I may add, you also have been needing for a very long time.”

Elizabeth looked from James to her sister and, despite her sniffling and very sore bottom, burst out laughing.

“I don’t think that’s funny!” said Katherine suddenly, beginning to cry.

It had taken several minutes of firm direction from James to quieten the uproar and have both young ladies seated on the couch, Elizabeth perched on a satin cushion, wriggling her sore derriere uncomfortably. A few drinks later the story had emerged how Katherine’s husband Steven had committed the heinous crime of denying his young wife a Porsche. At this news, both James and Elizabeth had roared with laughter and said as one, that Kathy was a spoilt brat.

And then Elizabeth had explained why she had ‘changed’ as her sister had put it so often in the last few years.

“I was an obnoxious brat just like you, Kathy, ’till James spanked some sense into me, that is, and thank heavens he hasn’t stopped my lessons. I still get it once a week.”

She looked at James for approval and he smugly sipped his drink and winked at her.

“And I think…” looking at her husband once again for approval, then at her sniffling younger sister, “it’s about time that you also had a lesson!”

From Penalty Points.

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