Classroom Discipline

Although I don’t post very much on this blog about school spankings and other kid-related stuff, I can hardly be ignorant of the fact that many people have spanking fantasies that are tied to school discipline. So I simply must share this tidbit, which comes from the end of a tragic historical article about a young schoolteacher who was assaulted with stones by four of her pupils in 1870:

In his book “A Brief History of Education, ” C.E. Hubley writes of a German schoolmaster named Hauberle who delivered 911,527 blows with a cane; 124,010 blows with a rod; 20,989 blows with a ruler; and 136,715 blows with his hand over the course of his 51 years as a teacher.

Young boys in Hauberle’s classroom were rapped on the mouth, head and had their ears boxed. The schoolmaster also punished his young charges by making them kneel on peas or upright triangular pieces of wood. Others were forced to wear a jackass cap, or hold a rod up in the air. Early societies believed that strong discipline and physical punishment were the best methods of instructing children, and did little to discourage such tyrants in the classroom.

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