Dining Hall Spanking

This spanking story is really about its male narrator, a conceited prick who, I am sure you will agree, badly needs a spanking of his own even if you normally aren’t into guys getting spanked. The scene excerpted below involves two college girls who mix it up early in the story, but if you keep reading, the guy does indeed get the spanking he so richly deserves, from a righteously provoked cop.

Bethany screamed, sobbed, and kicked her legs up and down. She repeatedly continued to apologize and beg the black girl to stop. But nothing was stopping this spanking. This was a punishment! The black girl, without saying another word, concentrated on the spanking — maintaining her punishing stamina without interruption or letup. The only time she stopped was to pull the girl’s panties down even further — from mid-thigh to the hollow of her knees — allowing me to see her anus and vulva even easier. The black girl then immediately resumed the painful spanking as Bethany bawled and promised to be good. She actually used the words, “I’ll be good!”

“How humiliating”, I thought as I enjoyed the show. Bethany’s lovely behind was now as red a fire engine.

The girl then changed her tactic. She spanked even hard and slapped the same areas over and over — as much as ten to twelve times — before moving on to another part of Bethany’s set ablaze buttocks. Bethany was now sobbing gulping sobs. Tears were streaming down her face and wetting floor in a small little puddle. These were the sobs of a well punished young woman, being spanked by another young woman who had no respect for her as an equal. A young woman who considered Bethany, as she sobbed and cried, nothing more than a bratty little girl.

When the black girl let her up, Bethany hollered and sobbed and pain danced in front of the whole cafeteria with her panties at her ankles. She rubbed and rubbed a bottom that was now a dark scarlet. We all could see her buttocks as well as her blonde pubic hairs by the way she was carrying on. But at the moment Bethany didn’t care.

From An Unexpected Reaction by Dr. Dlaniger.

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  1. Miss KJ commented on June 13th, 2005:

    Really hot…..makes me wish I were Bethany….

  2. Sekhmet commented on July 6th, 2007:

    This is a rather nasty story.

  3. little miss commented on September 22nd, 2012:

    Where can I read the full story?? Please and thank you. :)

  4. SpankBoss commented on September 22nd, 2012:

    Just click the hyperlinked title…

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