Spanky Birthday to You

Tristan Taormino writes in the Village Voice about her birthday spanking:

I just celebrated my birthday, and in addition to thickly frosted cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, I indulged in another delicious tradition: the birthday spanking. Each one of my guests got the chance to administer a single smack to my rear end in honor of the day I came roaring out of my mother’s womb. Some of my pals giggled and gently swatted, while others were determined to make me scream. I don’t recall that first slap every baby is rumored to receive from the obstetrician, nor do I ever remember Mom doing the honors when I was a bad little girl, yet I still love a good spanking.

One of the best spankings I ever received involved a vibrator between my legs. With each spank, I pressed against it and caught a good buzz between my legs. My birthday spanking this year was a grab bag affair. While some went for a conservative slap and tickle, a few tried to outdo all the others with their well-wishing whacks (some of my friends are very competitive). And, yes, a rosy handprint lingered the next day to remind me I was one year older—and that I have the best friends!

In between those paragraphs, there’s a fairly detailed article (pitched to a more-or-less vanilla audience) about folks who like spankings.

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